March 26, 2017                      

Wrestlers, Coaches, Parents and Fans,


It is with sincerest apologies that we reach out to you today regarding the events at the 2017 Maine State Pee Wee wrestling championships. Regardless of the reasons for the lengthy delay and significant confusion, we owned the responsibility of communicating our dilemma to all of you. We did a very poor job of communicating and take full responsibility for that failure.

The board met for an emergency meeting today to discuss the issues that led to a long and stressful day for many of you.  Berwick Youth Wrestling is committed to doing the best that we can do to try and make things right with our participating wrestling clubs and wrestling families. In an attempt to accomplish this, we have unanimously decided to make a partial refund for each paid wrestler from the tournament.  We have sent a communication to your club detailing this information.  We understand that no dollar amount can bring us back in time, but we sincerely hope that these funds can in some way contribute to the quality of each of your individual programs. We have full confidence that your club leadership will determine the appropriate use of these funds to maximize their benefit.

The Maine State Pee Wee wrestling tournament hosted by Berwick Youth Wrestling has a long tradition of being a high quality, well run event enjoyed by hundreds of children and families. We can assure you that work has already begun in an effort to address this year’s shortcomings and return the event to what is expected.

We have heard from many of you and expect to receive more feedback in the coming days. Rather than address each communication individually, we ask that you please share this letter with your club members as a single response to all that have provided feedback.

In closing, the Berwick Youth Wrestling board of directors and club members would like to extend their sincerest gratitude for the understanding and patience exhibited by the participating clubs and families. Ultimately we were able to work our way through the tournament and see the smiling faces of the children as they accepted their awards. This is why we do what we do and understand that none of it could have been accomplished without you.



Berwick Youth Wrestling Board of Directors

Parents can also check out our facebook group: Berwick Youth Wrestling. 
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