Summer Break and Back to School
The time sure does go by fast. Seems like the klids just get out of school and now they are right back in! We hope all of you wrestlers had a great summer break and that you have a super start going back to school. We look forward to the upcoming season and the board is alreay making plans for the upcoming season. Check back with us as we get closer to thanksgiving break and you'll see the detail for the 2015 wrestling season registration.
2014 Awards Banquet & Celebration
What a fantastic turnout at the end of the season banquet! Bowling, Laser Tag AND an arcade. What more would a kid (or parent) want on a rainy weekend? There were more than 30 wrestlers there as well as siblings, cousins, parents, grandparents as well as huge Berwick Youth Wrestling family!!
We hope all the kids enjoyed the day! It is always nice getting away from the tournament craziness and gather for something less stressful. Wrestling is a tough sport, mentally and physically, so the banquet is a celebration of all the kids hard work this season.
Coach Louie and the assistant coaches gave out participation gifts, BYW cinch sacks, to the kids and then handed out awards to some much deserving kids:
PreK-K                                                                         1st & 2nd grade
Sportsmanship Award- Joslyn Manning             Sportsmanship Award - Nolan Lowery
Most Improved - Owen Eldredge                         Most Improved - Adam Dumont
Rookie of the Year- Jeremy Thibeault                Rookie of the Year - Lieyl Anderson
3rd & 4th grade                                                         5th & 6th grade
Sportsmanship Award- Logan Downs                Sportsmanship Award - Tanner Huff
Most Improved - Aaron Pratt                                   Most Improved - Matthew Beerworth
Rookie of the Year - Justin Buller                        Coaches Award - Logan Rendell
Parents deserve to celebrate and have at least six months off too! Without your involvement with the BYW program it wouldn't be nearly as sucessful. We appreciate all of the help at practices, (chairs, and mats) as well as rounding up kids at tournaments (the chaotic 'silent' tournaments). We extremely appreciate the effort from every single one of you the day of our State tournament. We could have not pulled it off without you....THANK YOU.
For those 6th graders which are moving on to the Middle School program, it has been great having you in BYW. Good students, good wrestlers and just plain great kids!! Feel free to stop by practice, the younger kids would love to see you.
Enjoy the rest of the school year and the summer break. We look forward to seeing you all next Fall.
BYW Board: Kim, Ted, Meghan and Jenn
2014 Marshwood New England Youth Classic Tournament
After another very long day of wrestling here are the results for Marshwood's New England Tournament. We had 23 wrestlers compete and they brought home 13 awards.
Great job to all who competed and special congratulations to the wrestlers who placed. [results]

Thank you again to the coaches for another long day of devotion to our kids! A great ending to a fantastic season.
2014 Maine State Pee Wee Championship
Another weekend, another long day for our wrestlers and their families. This weekend was no exception, well except that we hosted a fantastic tournament! Congratulations to all of our wrestlers who gave it their very best. Five State Champions, five runner-ups and five 3rd & 4th place finishers shows all the hardwork the kids and coaches have put into the season. [results]
2014 Massabesic Wrestling Club Tournament
Berwick Youth Wrestling had 32 wrestlers at Massabesic and brought home 16 medals. Congratulations once again to all of the wrestlers, we can all see you getting better and better as the season goes on. We are so proud of all of you. Thanks also to the coaches for sweating along side the kids and giving it your best too. [results]

2014 Eagles Wrestling Club - Mt. Ararat Tournament
Another long day of wrestling, thanks once again to coaches, parents and family members for your continued support of our wrestlers. Berwick Youth Wrestling had 35 wrestlers today and brought home 28 medals.  [results]
New Singlets
I'm sure those of you at the Die Hard Tournament saw some shiny new singlets on some of our wrestlers. They are Maroon singlets with BERWICK done in black lettering and a white outline. Due to the high expense for these singlets we were only able to purchase 24 new singlets this year. The good news is that we've created a new plan going forward where will be budgeting a certain amount of our money to purchase uniforms (singlets and warm-up gear) each year. Prior to the start of the season we will review the condition of the uniforms and make purchases to improve Berwick Youth Wrestling. Please note that the best way to keep the singlets looking great is to wash in cool water and avoid the dryer, line dry only. This time of year they will air dry in a few hours and this will extend their life.

We have a few more singlets to hand out at practice on Tuesday. If you received a new singlet, it does have a number on it and we will be collecting them along with the first singlet, at our uniform collection night on April 8th.

2014 Die Hard Tournament
After a rough start with the 'silent' tournament it was so great to see 17 out of the 39 wrestlers come away with medals. We saw a lot of hard fought battles with these kids on Sunday.   [results]

"Great job boys and girls, another good showing for Berwick Youth Wrestling. I'm proud of you all!"     Coach Louis

2014 Oxford Hills Tournament
After a long day the Berwick wrestlers hard work paid off. Of the 30 wrestlers which traveled to Oxford Hills, 22 of them came away with medals. Great job! We know it was tough competition for the kids as well as the family in the stands. Thank You to all of the coaches as well as the parents for making the trip!    [results]
2014 Marshwood Tournament
Wow!    What a great first tournament. Congratulations to all the Berwick wrestlers.  Many of you had never been on the mats for competition before, but you all did a super job.  We had 41 total wrestlers compete and at least 19 of them are new to wrestling!!!   [results]
A big THANK YOU to the coaches for all you do...can't begin to list it!